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Pizza Fries

Oh man!! @spartanberj this looks amazing
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Just a normal day!! lol



Happy Monday ;)
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A little work before the next snowstorm shows up. At this point, I want to see us reach snowstorm Zach. #A2Z
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The beauty of nature in our backyard!
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The little bird needs a refill!
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When my favorite account increases their monthly retainer for the year

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Time for another Paint Creek Porter at Rochester Mills! #craftbeer -Bryan  (at Rochester Mills Beer Company)
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Yeti Imperial Stout



Great Divide Brewing Co. makes some terrific beers and you can’t go wrong with this imperial stout. A lot of times I find imperial stouts to be too strong but this one is so bold and silky smooth. Careful though, it’s still an imperial!

I love these!! Hours can be lost!! #Craftbeer

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